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Customer Support

Our dedicated team of support professionals are experts in the Destiny One® software application and in higher education business processes

Regular feature pack upgrades

Best practices for college and university operations are advancing every day. Destiny Solutions has an extensive product roadmap that includes feature, usability, and platform upgrades.

We deliver three feature pack upgrades each and every year to help our clients continue to grow their business and stay ahead of learner demands.

Each feature pack also includes resolutions to all bugs reported in the previous period, allowing us to maintain a zero-bug code base.

24/7 support

Self-service support

Our online portal lets you log support issues at your own convenience. Its intuitive interface is powered by ZendeskTM and is available around the clock. Requests logged in through the online portal are supported during the regular hours of support.

Our commitment is simple—tickets will be acknowledged within 1 business day, but we are usually much faster. In 2018, our median ticket response time was only 18 minutes.

Emergency support

We offer around-the-clock support for mission-critical outages and maintain SLAs for time-based resolution depending on severity level. We also use automatic monitoring to detect issues and initiate recovery, often before performance degradation is noticed.