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Unify Operations

College administration software that helps you gain economies of scale by standardizing the management and reporting on all of your non-traditional programs

Reduce redundancy to save staff time and school dollars

Many colleges and universities implement Destiny One administration software across multiple distinct divisions that each offer their own non-traditional programs, each with their own staff, unique branding requirements, accounting codes, and of course, curriculum.

Destiny One centralizes information and ensures that staff across the institution are consistently using the most efficient and effective business process for everything from how they interact with learners to how they manage offerings. The platform improves institutional operations without minimizing departmental autonomy.

Deliver a consistent learner experience

At many colleges and universities, each division treats students uniquely and offers differing levels of self-service and student centricity.

Destiny One lets you give learners across different divisions the same Amazon-like experience, with learner-centric business processes, easy online registration, and mobile-friendly self-service.

“We had flaws in long-term practices. In our French immersion programs, for example, when students were interested in registering for the course, the old process was that they would download a PDF, fill it out by hand and mail it in with a check.”

Learn how Western University Continuing Studies improved the learners experience across numerous different programs and went from taking 40% of their registrations online to 90% Read the Case Study

Seamlessly integrate into the larger campus computing infrastructure

Destiny One often replaces many other systems, but it also fits neatly into the larger IT eco-system. The Destiny Connect Framework consists of a number of integration capabilities that let schools give staff and students a seamless user experience by ensuring that data flows across all platforms.

By syncing contact, enrollment, and financial data between platforms, colleges and universities can optimize their marketing activities, ensure they have one up-to-date system of record, and provide top-notch customer service.

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We chose Destiny One because it allows non-credit programs the maximum amount of control in running their own programs on their own schedules and timelines while standardizing the business operations, such as taking online registrations and payments. Programs can spend less time on administration and more time on running their programs and developing new ones.

Vicki Lewis McGarvey | Vice Provost for University College at Temple University

Improving the Non-Credit and Continuing Education Experience at Temple University

Temple University is a leader in the field of continuing education and professional development, but historically had issues that stemmed from the decentralization of their non-credit offerings.

With the help of Destiny One software, Temple is now able to deliver a seamless student experience, improving the non-credit and continuing education processes for staff and students alike.