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Leverage Data

Higher Education reporting software to make data-driven decisions that support growth and build long-term success

Interact with real-time dashboards

It can be hard to derive meaning from endless numbers and tables. Instead, visualize trends and interact with data to make contextual business decisions.

Destiny One® Dashboards, powered by Tableau®, are engaging and powerful data visualizations that allow higher education leaders to see trends and operate their businesses with data-driven intelligence.

Higher education institutions are always gathering data, but often suffer from data overload. Destiny One Dashboards empower higher education leaders to leverage data in a user-friendly and actionable way.

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Higher Education reporting software that helps you gain insights across categories such as:

  • Curriculum and Offerings
  • Financials
  • Student/Group Outcomes
  • Facilities
  • Enrollments
  • Applications
  • Instructors

Simplify decision-making with the right data

Understand Financial Impact

Quickly identify which courses, programs, certificates, sections and conferences have generated the most enrollments and which have generated the most revenue so that you can focus on those with the largest impact.

Plan for Peak Activity

Understand at a glance which times of the year—and even which days of the week—tend to have high or low enrollment volumes. Far from “overly granular,” this visual heat map makes a huge difference when it comes to staffing decisions, setting application open dates, defining and assessing marketing strategy and making other key management choices.

Leverage Historical Data

Compare current enrollment to other historical sections of the same course so staff can forecast and understand performance relative to previous years to determine how and when to market the course, how to allocate space, whether it should be cancelled for low enrollment, whether more sections are needed, and much more.

Manage data independently

Pull Data Easily

Understand trends at a glance and give staff control over their own data without needing help from IT. User-friendly reporting lets staff access the information they need without requiring specialized skills. What’s more, easy access to data lets you report confidently and quickly to senior management and other stakeholders.

Out-of-box Reports

Don’t waste time trying to custom build new reports for every strategic decision and operational touchpoint. Instead, leverage over 150 pre-built reports that are set up to enhance operations for continuing education, workforce development and other non-traditional divisions.

Build Lists

Create targeted lists of students, instructors, and groups without any prior knowledge of databases or query language using over 100 different filters.

When I’m reporting to senior leaders about our enrollment trends, I have really good data and reports to show. We didn’t have those tools before. When people ask me, ‘How many of your students are in online courses?’ and, ‘How many of your students are taking courses at this campus or this campus?’ I have access to reporting tools that give me those answers.

Carolyn Young | Director of Continuing Studies, Western University

How Western Continuing Studies is Increasing Efficiency and Improving Customer Engagement with Learners

Western Continuing Studies (WCS) increased efficiency and improved engagement with their learners through the adoption of customer-centric Destiny One business processes.