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Continuing education, non-credit, professional development and other non-traditional programs shouldn’t have to make do with systems designed around the needs of full-time, on-campus, degree-pursuing students

Create a customer experience that stands out from your competition

One-third of American university students’ say have been negatively impacted by poor administrative experiences. With so many learning options to choose from, it takes a market-leading shopping and customer experience for you to stand out above the crowd.

Shopping for courses

Destiny One offers an Amazon-like mobile-friendly website that lets students find the information they want and enroll anywhere, on any device.

Better yet, when prospects leave the site before checking out, Destiny One saves their cart and automatically sends an email prompting them to return to the site to finish their purchase.

Interacting with the school

Save learners from lineups with an easy online self-service portal where they can interact with the university on their own terms. Learners can manage many administrative tasks independently through the portal but when they need staff attention, customer service workflows automatically route the request to the right person, so the learner can get the information they need right away and staff don’t have to waste time with back-and-forth.

Scale across numerous divisions, programs, and demographics

Universities often have numerous divisions and faculties all offering non-credit programming, but minimal coordination between them. Destiny One provides universities the capacity to centralize the management of non-credit offerings university-wide while leaving program development and delivery responsibilities in the hands of the faculties.

With Destiny One, it is a huge benefit to us to find one single system that lifts the administrative burden off our staff and allows our customers to own their learning experience.

Kristy Davis | Associate Director of Academic Support Resources-IT, University of Minnesota

Consolidating to Reduce Costs and Drive Operational Expense

How Destiny One is helping reduce costs and improve productivity at numerous divisions across the University of Minnesota.