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Specialized Programs and Schools

Destiny One® empowers business excellence for different types of schools and divisions, each with their own business rules, student demographics and best practices

Education schools

Teachers need to be constantly engaged in professional and continuing education, which makes them especially discerning when it comes to the customer experience delivered by a CE provider. While serving this demographic can be lucrative, it is often labor intensive and highly manual.

Learn how Ontario Institute for Studies of Education streamlined operations and improved customer engagement with learners >

"When I arrived here I was really concerned about “the customer experience.” We had these three clunky legacy systems and an awful lot of paper-based administration, which meant that even trying to maintain some semblance of a quality customer experience was stressful for the team."
— Elisabeth Rees-Johnstone | Executive Director of Continuing and Professional Learning, Ontario Institute for Studies of Education, University of Toronto

Art and music schools

Art and music schools offer a large diversity of program types, schedules, and formats. They also update offerings regularly to stay relevant. However, unlike many other types of programming, people often see art education as a luxury item. As a result, the student experience needs to exceed customer expectations.

Learn how Cal Arts Extended Studies modernized operations to grow enrollments >

"There’s a nimbleness and flexibility that’s required in order to be able to turn programs around or pilot programs quickly and effectively and efficiently, and Destiny allows us the ability to do that. We can build a class, set it up and mobilize it very quickly, whereas in the past we hadn’t been able to do that."
— Lisa Barr | Director of Project Development, Office of Global Initiatives and Extended Studies, CalArts

Kids camps and youth programs

Summer camps and K-12 programs are a lucrative way to leverage otherwise unused campus facilities during the summertime, Christmas time and Spring Break. However, there are specific regulations around minors’ data and registration processes need to be designed for parents rather than campers.

Learn how Harper College created parent-centric processes that drive revenue >

“Imagine having four children and having to log in four different times to register your kids for the same program. The Conference Manager is going to be an incredible problem solver for us, because it facilitates those group registrations.”
— Mark Mrozinski | Assistant Vice President of Workforce Development and Executive Dean of Community Education, Harper College

International ESL programming

Students from all over the world look to postsecondary institutions in North America for high-quality, immersive, intensive English language programs (IELPs) that help them improve their linguistic skills and readiness for academic programming. But running these offerings requires the delivery of a unique customer experience, bringing together multiple parties including recruitment agents, parents, housing services and government officials.

Learn how Destiny One can help you navigate the complex international student lifecycle >

“Today, we’re addressing declining enrollment by developing new language programming that meets students’ needs beyond simply learning English. These new programs draw on the cultural aspect of international English language instruction and prepare students for American academic environments."
— Martyn Miller | Assistant Vice President for International Programs, Temple University

Corporate and custom training

Employers recognize that their employees need to continue learning to help their companies grow, and look to partner with education providers to deliver programming that addresses skill and knowledge gaps. Of course, higher education institutions aren’t the only players in this space, so standing out takes more than a body of research and renowned faculty.

Learn how Guelph University is creating a high-touch corporate experience >

“The functionality and the control that Destiny One provides to a corporate client is the high-end corporate experience that these clients expect. Frankly, it’s not something that we could’ve delivered as efficiently."
—Michelle Fach | Executive Director of OpenEd, University of Guelph

Online offerings

Online learners expect access to education where and when they need it, and the same goes for their expectation of service and support from the institution. Succeeding online isn’t as simple as transitioning a course onto the Internet, institutions need to support their online offerings with a robust back-end system to keep learners engaged over the course of the program.

Learn how Columbia College Chicago leveraged Destiny One to avoid turning to an OPM >

“Destiny One’s platform includes many of the features we were looking for, while focusing on the lifelong learner market. It allows for easy enrollments, a simple-to-use catalog, and the ability to create certificates, while providing a great back-end student experience. Previously, we would have had to build those capabilities from scratch, or use a less-than-ideal solution."
—Robert Green | Vice Provost for Digital Learning, Columbia College Chicago