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Improve Efficiency

College management software allows you to shift staff focus away from administration and towards more impactful work by automating repetitive tasks and leveraging work flows

Create a self-service learner experience that loops in staff at the right time

Free up administrative staff time by giving students, instructors, corporate administrators, conference hosts and recruiting agents each access to their own self-service portal that lets them interact with the school on their own schedule.

Rather than stand in line or wait on hold, learners can order transcripts, track their certificate progress,
print their schedule, pay down invoices and manage numerous other processes from an intuitive mobile-friendly portal.

When prospects or learners require assistance, customer service workflows ensure the right staff member is alerted right away when an inquiry or request requires their attention.

Give staff a quick way to manage daily activities without workarounds

Continuing education, workforce development, and other divisions serving non-traditional students have unique business processes and service requirements.

Destiny One college management software is built from the ground up specifically for this market. This means that unlike traditional SIS and ERP systems, Destiny One provides the functionality needed to foster business excellence and serve learners like customers, all in one centralized platform.

Destiny One automates repetitive tasks and ensures nothing slips through the cracks with 40 out-of-box workflows that encapsulate market best practices.

Leverage a best-in-class IT infrastructure

Integration with other campus software systems 
Stop rekeying and manually entering information with systems that speak to each other in real-time or batch.

Amazon Web Hosted
Destiny One is a cloud-hosted SaaS product. This means divisional staff can focus their efforts on using the software, rather than on managing the incredible complexity of maintaining the back-end hosting infrastructure on-campus as well.

Uptime guarantee
Ensure staff can always be productive and learners can engage 24/7 with our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Help staff help themselves 
Equip staff with an embedded context-sensitive and searchable help tool and online video tutorials that let them quickly increase system proficiency.

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Use data visualizations to make contextual business decisions

Effectively leveraging data analytics can be a challenge but it’s critical to properly allocate staff time and effort. Destiny One removes barriers to make data functional for continuing education and workforce development divisions.  

For example, this dashboard helps leaders visualize cumulative enrollment count trends over time, relative to a course section’s start date to see if a course section tends to fill up months, weeks or days before its start date.

This facilitates numerous decisions— how and when to market the course, how to allocate space and more. If a course tends to fill up very early, you might consider adding a section. If a course tends to fill up very late, you know not to cancel it due to low enrollments in the weeks leading up to its launch.

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In our first full year with the system, our revenue was $9.6 million. This year, we’re on target for over 30-percent growth and fully anticipate $12 million in revenue. It makes sense because we’re helping people shift their focus from administrative work to the things that really matter: program development, marketing and curriculum.

Nicole Westrick | Associate Vice Provost, Temple University

Improving the Non-Credit and Continuing Education Experience at Temple University

Temple University is a leader in the field of continuing education and professional development, but historically had issues that stemmed from the decentralization of their non-credit offerings.

With the help of Destiny One software, Temple is now able to deliver a seamless student experience, improving the non-credit and continuing education processes for staff and students alike.