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Our course management software lets you manage the entire course approval and creation process efficiently so that you can scale existing offerings and launch new ones

Don’t let semesters slow you down

Why do you need to wait until next semester to get a new offering live? Why should programming be confined to the traditional schedule?

Destiny One® course management software lets you shave months off of the traditional manual course approval process with automated workflows that alert the right staff member at the right time so that courses can be created, approved and published in real time.

It also gives you the flexibility to offer programs any time of the year—without cumbersome workarounds.  From winter break programs to weekend seminars, Destiny One lets you structure your programs around your learners’ needs.

Serve diverse audiences efficiently

It’s inefficient to manage each type of program and learner in a different way, but each audience has unique needs and operational processes.

With purpose-built modules for many different types of non-traditional learners, Destiny One course management software lets you standardize reporting and operations, while still providing the custom processes and experience that speciality programs require.

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Scale like a start up with gold-standard partners

We bring best-of-breed together into one neat package so that continuing education, workforce development, and other non-traditional divisions have the same operational advantages as top businesses, but without the overhead required to compile it one-off.

Amazon cloud-hosted so you can scale securely
Because of our highly-scalable cloud infrastructure your software will effortlessly scale with you. Destiny One offers the same 99.9% uptime guarantee and gold-standard security no matter how many enrollments, programs, or staff you have now, or in the future.

Tableau data visualizations so you can scale confidently
Monitor programs in real time and visualize transactions across departments and offerings to quickly identify the most critical (and sometimes surprising) sources of revenue—be it a course section, program, conference, or special request.

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We want to grow enrollments and we want to grow programs and now we’re going to be able to do that without actually adding more cost to the bottom line.

Michelle Fach | Executive Director of OpenEd, University of Guelph

Efficient Scaling at the University of Guelph

The University of Guelph Open Learning and Educational Support (OpenEd) was looking to enhance its service to students, support staff efficiency and better leverage business intelligence to support the department’s growth. Learn how Destiny One is enhancing the student experience, improving staff efficiency and generating business intelligence.