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Establish Security and Compliance

Develop a risk-based security strategy that keeps pace with the latest information security in education

Leverage gold-standard security certifications

Data breaches are embarrassing and costly to the institution. Why risk it?

Destiny One® is constantly upgrading its security interface to maintain the highest possible security certifications. This commitment to digital information security in education means sensitive student information that colleges and universities must collect during registration—from credit card numbers to birthdays and even social security identifiers—are as safe as they can possibly be when processed through Destiny One.


Destiny One is PCI-DSS and PCI PA-DSS certified, and SOC-2 compliant. This requires ongoing third party QSA assessment of Destiny Solutions' security processes and controls as well as ongoing monitoring of compliance. We also employ a team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in security, including full time Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP).

Simply put, Destiny Solutions’ focus on security and site integrity ensures students can trust that their information will be safe when considering registration at a Destiny One-powered institution..

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Define and enforce business rules

Automate rule enforcement

Ensure standards are properly enforced by automating configurable business rules that take care of waitlist management, incoming inquiries, prerequisite validation, course provisioning—even SEVIS reporting and CASL and GDPR compliance.

Leverage transparent reporting

Should permission-granted staff decide to override a business rule (perhaps by waiving a fee), that information automatically appears on the Sales Exception Report for internal control purposes. 

Restrict user access

Give staff users permissions based on their department and role to ensure each user is only able to access the elements of the application that they need.

Maintain an audit trail

Track and report on every transaction and adjustment in the system with a full audit trail that accounts for each action and quickly tell which user is responsible for it.

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By retiring an antiquated system, we have reduced our risk of unplanned end of service and of security breaches. Destiny One provides better management of user access to constituent data and data security.

Kristy Davis | Associate Director of Academic Support Resources-IT, University of Minnesota

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