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Simple, secure, scalable

Destiny Solutions offers full-service hosting including backup, redundancy and disaster-recovery services for Destiny One® .

Destiny Solutions utilizes Amazon EC2 infrastructure for hosted solutions. All data resides in the United States (or Canada for Canadian customers) and is located in a regional datacenter selected for optimal network performance for the institution’s location.

Guaranteed disaster recovery

Reduce downtime and recover data more easily in the case of unforeseen events

To reduce or eliminate the downtime that may occur as a result of a catastrophic failure of the hosting environment, Destiny Solutions maintains a mirror image of the latest production application installation in a separate physical data center geographically removed from the production installation. This mirror image is updated each time the Destiny One production application environment is updated. Database backups are stored securely in this same, geographically unique data center.

A detailed Disaster Recovery Planning Checklist is developed collaboratively between the customer and Destiny Solutions prior to a production go-live to ensure that roles and responsibilities of both organizations are understood. 

Secure physical infrastructure

Utilize the security built into Destiny One and gain end-to-end data security

The Destiny One application complies with the most stringent security standards in the industry for personal information protection and e-commerce transactions. In order to maximize the advantage provided by this level of security, Destiny One must be hosted in an equally secure environment. The Destiny Solutions hosting platform complies with the most rigorous security certifications, so that every aspect of the data management cycle is secure.

As part of an overall hosting and security architecture, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides infrastructure equivalent to a tier-4 data center which includes mandatory physical controls and protection including power management, physical access control, fire and water detection and suppression.

For further information, please refer to the AWS Cloud Security Page

Hosting environment security certifications:

  • PCI PA-DSS v2.0
  • PCI DSS Service Provider
  • ISO 27001
  • SOC-2

You’re always on—so are we

Stop losing profit and productivity from software application downtime

Destiny One's application reliability along with Amazon EC2's fully redundant infrastructure ensures that the Destiny One application will operate with minimal or no downtime. Destiny Solutions uptime guarantee is 99.95% application availability each month with current uptime running at 99.99% or higher. By using the Destiny Solutions hosting platform you can ensure maximum application availability so students can always enroll on their own schedule and staff can always access the application when they need it.