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System Administration

School Administration Software that helps increase staff efficiency and build a positive student experience by centrally controlling business processes and staff roles

Create and manage staff roles and permissions

Many schools have hundreds of staff users and Destiny One ensures that each one is only able to access the elements of the application that they need, based on their department and their role.

Destiny One ® school administration software utilizes a multi-user collaborative system goes a long way towards ensuring proper checks and balances are in place and all data is always secure.

Because Destiny One manages roles at the program office level, you can run multiple schools, divisions, or departments on a single instance of Destiny One, without compromising on departmental branding or autonomy.

“When you focus on three things—program development, marketing and curriculum—you really can sell a central system because you’re taking important tasks that can be done by anyone off their hands, and leaving program-specific staff member to focus on unique differentiators and high-value work.”
— Nicole Westrick | Associate Vice Provost, Temple University

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Customize workflows to increase efficiency

The Destiny One workflows make staff more efficient by providing over 40 automated workflows that encapsulate best practices for continuing education, workforce development and other non-traditional units. 

Workflows are kicked off by an event or a trigger then continue through one or more steps, routing the information between different people, and notifying the next person responsible for a task.  Each workflow can be configured based on your business processes to define who will receive each task as the workflow progresses.

  • Create and approve courses and certificates
  • Publish or update course section information
  • Route customer service requests and learner inquiries
  • Enter and approve grades

Set up fees and enrollment rules

Continuing education and workforce development programs require nuanced approaches to curriculum creation and enrollment management. Destiny One lets you configure business rules that create a positive customer experience for learners and efficient infrastructure for staff.

Create and define fees once — such as discounts, service charges and tuition profiles — so staff can save time by referencing them during curriculum creation rather than starting from scratch each time.

You can also control who can register in each course by defining age limits, prerequisites, membership requirements or other enrollment rules that ensure the right learners end up in the right courses.

Going with a product like Destiny One gives us maximum flexibility and functionality, allowing our field offices to advertise their programs without having to fundamentally change the ways that they’ve been offering their programs.

Neal Vines | Director of Information Technology for VCE, Virginia Tech University

Improving Efficiency and Protecting Decentralization at Virginia Cooperative Extension

Destiny One is helping Virginia Cooperative Extension maintain its focus on locally-responsive programming while improving access to all offerings and introducing online payments.