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Student portal

Whether booking a flight or checking their bank balance, customers expect to be able to manage interactions online and on their own time—and higher education is no different,

The Destiny One Student Portal allows your learners to manage registration, administrative, and other processes online. In addition to providing a modern learner experience, self-service tools free up staff from having to manage every learner request manually.

Here are a few of the interactions learners can manage through the student portal:

  • Browse, pay and register for courses
  • Complete, submit and track applications
  • Monitor certificate progress
  • Review, pay down, and print invoices
  • Request drops and transfers
  • Print transcripts

“Destiny One and its student portal means registrants have the kinds of self-service tools at their fingertips that they’ve come to expect from online leaders like Amazon.” — Kristy Davis | Associate Director for Academic Support Resources - IT, University of Minnesota

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Staff Portal

Staff in non-traditional divisions are often forced to work in multiple systems and regularly re-enter data.

The Destiny One Staff Portal offers a single interface to manage all operations to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Staff can do everything from creating courses and entering enrollments, to managing instructor contracts and tracking finances, and staff receive automated alerts when tasks are assigned to them or a workflow requires their input.

“When technology makes everyday tasks easier for staff, it helps to create a great staff experience, which in turn makes it easier to deliver a great learner experience.” — Elisabeth Rees-Johnstone | Executive Director of Continuing Education and Professional Learning at OISE, University of Toronto

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Corporate Portal

Corporate training clients expect an especially streamlined and efficient experience. While many institutions try to deliver this by asking their staff to do double-duty, leading colleges and universities provide corporate clients with a portal to manage their company’s interaction with the school.

White-labeled for each partner, the Destiny One Corporate Portal lets corporate administrators can add or remove learners form their corporate group, individually or bulk enroll employees in offerings, monitor invoices, and connect with the institution.

Additionally, individual corporate learners have access to their own Corporate Portals where they can browse and enroll in a custom catalog of defined offerings, provide profile information and manage their learning experience with ease.

“Our corporate clients want a very simple way to reach us, and we’re going to have to make sure we don’t make it difficult for them to register for a program. Destiny One will make registration quicker and easier for our corporate partners.” — Geoff Wilmshurst | Vice President of Partnerships, Camosun College

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Family Portal

Parents are incredibly busy, and don’t want more work thrown on their plate when they want to register their kids for summer camps, courses or other activities offered by your institution.

With the Destiny One Family Portal, you can take a load off parents’ minds by making it easy for them to get their kids signed up in your offerings. The family portal allows parents to enroll as many children as they choose in an array of relevant offerings with a single transaction. It also allows parents to apply relevant discount codes, stay on top of their kids’ applications to certain gated offerings, and centrally-manage their children’s’ engagement with your institution.

Parenting is hard enough. Make your institution one less thing they have to worry about.

“Imagine having four children and having to log in four different times to register your kids.” — Mark Mrozinski Assistant Vice President of Workforce Development and Executive Dean of Community Education, Harper College

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Instructor Portal

Non-traditional divisions often work with faculty who are not full-time; they might be working professionals teaching courses, and they might be tenure-track faculty from main campus divisions. Minimize their administrative roadblocks and allow them to focus on teaching with the Destiny One Instructor Portal.

The Instructor Portal gives instructors self-service access to critical resources like timetables, class lists and attendance sheets, and provide capacity to enter student grades and manage other administrative functions all through a personalized profile.

Additionally, the Instructor Portal provides an easy tool to communicate effectively with learners, either individually or in defined groups.

International Agent Portal

Recruiting agencies can help IELPs to attract prospective students because of their existing relationships and networks in the local area. However, managing agencies and sponsors is not a concern for other departments, so the main campus SIS or CRM is not set up for it.

The Destiny One Agency and Sponsor Portal goes a long way to streamline processes for both the agent and the institution. It lets agencies submit learner applications, track tuition and fee payments, discounts and commissions, submit paperwork so payments can be processed quickly, and generally interact with the school in an efficient and organized manner.

“The ISPM module now allows staff to access updated information when they need it and input critical information about an agent or a prospective student onsite, avoiding duplication of work when they return to the office.” — Michelle Fach | Executive Director of OpenEd, University of Guelph

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With the Student Portal, we significantly improved our student experience and that has made a difference for re-enrollment.

Robin Sease | Business Analyst, UC Berkeley Extension

Laying the Foundations for Growth at UC Berkeley Extension

Destiny One is helping UC Berkeley Extension improve retention and program management to facilitate the division's expansion into new markets.