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Target Marketing

Stop guessing and start optimizing your marketing funnel with higher education marketing software that lets you convert prospects into learners and track the entire process

Help learners find your courses with SEO optimized landing pages

Making sure prospects find your offerings is half the battle, but manually optimizing every course, certificate, and program landing page for each search engine is an enormous and never-ending undertaking.

Destiny One Higher Education marketing software automates search engine optimization using the built-in web content manager. This way, learners can start finding courses as soon as they’re approved.

Destiny One also offers on-site advanced search options to help learners easily sort offerings and find exactly what they want.

Add social media widgets to course pages so learners can market offerings on your behalf to their friends and fans.

Target marketing campaigns

Non-traditional students often consider multiple colleges or universities before enrolling and it’s important to precisely target your marketing efforts in order to convert prospects into learners.

Destiny One gathers detailed information on learners, even before they enroll. This way, you can build targeting lists based on location, interests, demography, enrollment history, and more.

Best of all, Destiny One lets staff create nuanced lists without any prior knowledge of databases or query language.

Want to go a step further? Our out-of-box connector lets you seamlessly integrate with Salesforce for deeper insights into the entire customer journey.

Optimize market spending

Ensure you are spending marketing time and money wisely with closed-loop feedback mechanisms to track the effectiveness of each campaign.

When a learner registers or interacts with the school in another way, Destiny One Higher Education marketing software lets staff include marketing questions to request additional information or to track the effectiveness of specific campaigns and communications. It also lets staff issue any number of discount or promo codes to entice learners and track the registrant’s campaign origin.

With out-of-box reporting, staff can easily gather feedback on their marketing efforts.

Learn about how Destiny One leverages Tableau to give colleges and universities Fortune 500 caliber data visibility.

Continuing education is more like a business than traditional college and Destiny One helps us run our business more efficiently and effectively.

Brandon Gregory, David Kaplan, Charles McGinnis and Uyen Nguyen | Leadership Team of Professional and Continuing Education, University of San Diego

Staying Nimble and Agile at University of San Diego Professional and Continuing Education

Destiny One is helping USD PCE deliver a rich student experience while increasing staff efficiency and capacity.