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International and Specialty Programs Manager

Simplify the management of IELP, ESL and other international programs with a solution purpose-built for these complex and unique offerings and demographics.

Give learners a sophisticated online experience throughout their lifecycle

The majority of learners begin their search for an intensive English Language Program (IELP) online, so a sophisticated website goes a long way towards helping one program stand out over another.

With just a few clicks, Destiny One® lets staff create program-specific landing pages that are search engine optimized, mobile-friendly, and available in multiple languages.  

Learners can apply right away, research the program, or ask for more information right from the page.  They can even re-enroll with just a few clicks to continue improving their skills.

Manage applications efficiently

Applications are time consuming for students to submit and for staff to process—and since most learners apply to more than one program, there isn’t even a guaranteed ROI.

Let learners complete the application entirely online with a self-service portal that lets them start the application and save it to finish later. Forms are short and intuitive with fields that accept international addresses and conditional questions that only display if the learner meets certain criteria.

Create curriculum and place learners in the right section

Build and manage programs that meet learners’ diverse needs by defining subjects and progression levels, and by identifying required and elective courses. Also make sure each learner ends up in the right section.

Staff can use placement test results to assign each learner a progression level and batch enroll them into the appropriate course or cohort. With easy-to-use summary dashboards, it’s simple to make sure that each section is balanced for country-of-origin, first language, and gender.

Learn more about Destiny One’s self-service portals

The self-service learner portal allows learners to see their elective options and rank them in order of preference. Then, staff can simply look at the requests and approve them without endless back-and-forth if first choice options aren’t available.

Coordinate with recruiting agencies and sponsors

Recruiting agencies attract prospective students because of their existing relationships and networks in the local area. However, each agency has its own contract with specific commissions, discounts and payors, not to mention numerous applicants coming from each recruiting agency at any given time.

Destiny One lets staff set up individual contracts and then automates their enforcement by tracking and billing for tuition, commissions, discounts. It also gives each agency its own self-service portal where it can submit applications on behalf of its learners, manage paperwork and payments, and interact with the institution.

Streamline government reporting

Reporting attendance tends to be one of the most manual processes in English language programs and since the information passes through a number of staff members, there is the increased possibility of errors and delays. However, it’s essential to maintaining students’ immigration status and in supporting learner success.

Destiny One lets instructors record attendance online and it automatically alerts staff if a student exceeds a threshold of absences. For American institutions, Destiny One integrates with SEVIS batch system to create and update student records and automatically process I-20 forms.

“Today, we’re addressing declining enrollment by developing new language programming that meets students’ needs beyond simply learning English. These new programs draw on the cultural aspect of international English language instruction and prepare students for American academic environments.”
— Martyn Miller | Assistant Vice President for International Programs, Temple University

The ISPM module now allows staff to access updated information when they need it and input critical information about an agent or a prospective student onsite, avoiding duplication of work when they return to the office.

Michelle Fach | Director of Open Learning and Educational Support, University of Guelph

Navigating the Student Lifecycle: A PlayBook for Intensive English Language Programs

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