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Higher Education Dashboards

Stop drowning in information and make data useful again with powerful and engaging visualizations

Make data-backed programming decisions

With messy data, many institutional leaders are forced to make key decisions around which programs and courses to offer, when to offer them, and how many sections of each—based on gut feeling. With powerful enrollment-focused data visualizations, Destiny One dashboards let higher education leaders understand enrollment trends for each offering individually as well as how they fit into the whole.

For Example

This enrollment dashboard shows the net enrollment count for a single course section over time with a comparison to other historical sections of the same course. Staff can filter what data is displayed and can drill into any specific data points so that they can determine how and when to market the course to how to allocate space, from whether it should be cancelled for low enrollment to whether more sections are needed, and much more.

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Understand customer tendencies

Give staff both a high-level and granular view of how each learner engages with the institution so that they can effectively manage broad campaigns and individual interactions. 

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Own your financials

Non-traditional divisions tend to have a responsibility to, at minimum, be cost-recovery and ideally generate revenue for the institution. Unfortunately, data on financial performance and impact can often be hard to generate and share—especially in real time. 

With Destiny One Dashboards, higher education leaders can get a quick overview of which courses, programs or offerings tend to generate the most income for the division and, more broadly, what kinds of offerings are responsible for what proportion of your divisional revenue.

Harnessing these powerful tools allow leaders to report with confidence on their divisional performance and ensure resources are being properly allocated to ensure the division is meeting its responsibilities.

“When people ask me, “How many of your students are in online courses?” and, “How many of your students are taking courses at this campus or this campus?” I have access to reporting tools that give me those answers. That’s a very important way of using tools to report accurately and effectively.”

— Carolyn Young | Director of Continuing Studies, Western University

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Destiny One gives all staff—be they managers or curriculum development support personnel—more data and evidence on which to base their decisions, practices and programming.

Michelle Fach | Director of Open Learning and Educational Support, University of Guelph

Efficient Scaling at the University of Guelph

Destiny One is helping to foster growth for University of Guelph OpenEd by providing insightful reports and improving their student and staff experiences.