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Govern Finance

Higher Education accounting software to securely track and manage financial information with tightly-governed accounting transactions and up-to-date, accurate financial data

Define accounting practices that work for your business

Map GL accounts
Flexibly define General Ledger (GL) accounts and specify which transaction funds should be assigned to which GL Account. Because non-traditional programs often involve numerous players, Destiny One higher education accounting software also allows you to split transactions among different accounts and line items.

Integrate with other campus financial systems
Maintain a single version of the truth with complete details of each transaction available in both Destiny One and in financial exports to main campus financial systems using either the accrual or the cash bases of accounting.

Support numerous transaction types
Accommodate your students’ needs and preferences by supporting numerous forms of payment, including credit cards, checks, bank debit, invoicing and even payment plans.

Account for Every Transaction

Track and report on every transaction and adjustment in the system so you can easily account for each action and can quickly tell which user is responsible for it.

Audit Trail
Every transaction is stamped with a unique user name, date, and time when it was processed and Destiny One higher education accounting software provides easy-to-use reports with strong daily closeout and reconciliation controls.

Should permission-granted staff decide to override a business rule (perhaps by waiving a fee), that information automatically appears on the Sales Exception Report for internal control purposes. 

Transaction adjustments
When staff adjust previously charged fees, refund amounts, apply retroactive discounts and modify payment or refund types, the original transaction is always maintained for auditing purposes and a new, adjusted transaction is created.

Achieve Peace of Mind with Unmatched Security

You can be confident that every transaction and record is protected by rigid security protocols.

We maintain top-level security certifications for our application, including PCI PA-DSS and SOC2 and also have a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) on staff full time.

Our world-class security protocols let students make payments securely and ensure staff always have accurate and consistent data.

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Destiny One eliminates the need for separate merchant accounts for units. It eliminates the need for hardware and related supplies to process infrequent credit card payments and refunds over the phone. It eliminates license, subscription, or usage fees for systems that cannot leverage the pricing discounts offered to enterprise-level user base. It eliminates additional fees for customization and change requests for unit-owned systems.

Kristy Davis | Associate Director of Academic Support Resources-IT, University of Minnesota

Consolidating to Reduce Costs and Drive Operational Expense

How Destiny One is helping reduce costs and improve productivity at numerous divisions across the University of Minnesota.