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Enrollment Manager

Higher Education enrollment software that creates a top-of-the-line, personalized registration experience to drive enrollment growth across all types of non-traditional programs.

Optimize checkout to increase enrollment

Today's learners act more like customers than ever before. And ecommerce customers often walk away from their shopping carts — in fact, about 70% of them are likely to. Through minimizing roadblocks, committing to site integrity, providing a simple, visual shopping cart, and allowing rapid registration, Destiny One® higher education enrollment software can help you decrease abandoned carts and increase revenue.

Our unique abandoned shopping cart recovery feature has allowed Destiny One to generate an average revenue boost of 17% per quarter for partner institutions.

Empower staff to engage with learners

In non-traditional higher education, every learner is different. To engage effectively, your staff needs access to unified context for each student. Our Higher Education enrollment software lets you track each piece of your learners' unique educational backgrounds, from goals and interests to past preferences and payments, to correctly answer learner inquiries and to construct personalized marketing campaigns, which can drive up to 18x more revenue than their more general counterparts.

To thrive in a post-secondary market, institutions must engage learners of all types, at any time in their student lifecycles. How can you ensure every single interaction with your organization is a positive one for current and future students?

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Gain data visibility and insight

Your staff is busy, but that doesn't mean you can ignore opportunities to optimize. Those opportunities begin with data — but reporting itself can be cumbersome. Make it simpler with interactive data visualizations.

With the Enrollment Trends dashboard, leaders can immediately see cumulative enrollment count trends over time, relative to a course section’s start date. See if a course section tends to fill up months, weeks or days before its start date. This intel facilitates numerous decisions— from how and when to market the course to how to allocate space and more.

With the Enrollment Top 10 dashboard, you can see at a glance which offerings are the most popular.

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Visualize cumulative enrollment count trends over time so you can facilitate decisions around marketing, staffing, and space allocation.

Our ancient system was a transactional system so each time a student enrolled they created a new entry in the system. They didn’t really have an account, they just provided whatever information about themselves that they wanted to in order to register for the offering.

Robin Sease | Business Analyst at UCBX

Laying the Foundations for Growth at UC Berkeley Extension

Destiny One is helping UC Berkeley Extension improve retention and program management to facilitate the divison's expansion into new markets.