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Create and manage continuing education, workforce development and other non-traditional offerings using a curriculum management system

Shave months off the traditional course approval process with workflows

Launching new courses or programs often involves lots of paperwork, many players, and strict approval dates that could be a far way off.

 Destiny One’s workflows automate repetitive processes so nothing slips through the cracks. Program managers can propose new courses and sections and the automated approval workflow routes the information through the different steps for approval. Destiny One approval processes aren’t tied to specific dates, you can get new courses up and running anytime without having to wait for the next semester.

Respond to market demand with optimized offerings

Once you have a course set up, Destiny One curriculum managemeny system allows you to repurpose it and reuse the same academic content for different audiences, even corporate clients.

Each section can have any number of pricing and discounting options. Sections can be delivered in-class, online, or as a hybrid. Classes can have regular or irregular meeting patterns and staff can schedule specific buildings and rooms.

Destiny One lets you optimize offerings with real-time business intelligence on course performance and demand.

  • Credit or non-credit
  • Online, in-class, or hybrid
  • Synchronous or asynchronous
  • Certificates and bundles
  • Custom and corporate programs
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Evening and weekend
  • Summer session

Set up, manage and market certificates

Certificates are a lucrative revenue stream for schools and they provide significant value to learners who are looking for non-degree credentials. 

Destiny One’s flexible certificate profile lets staff:

  • Associate courses with each certificate
  • Add marketing information such as a description, outcomes, and application requirements
  • Define rules around the number or courses or credits and elective vs required courses
  • Automate certificate publishing to your website and portals
  • Package offerings so learners enroll in courses individually or purchase all courses in a certificate at once as part of a bundle

We can’t take a year or two to approve a new certificate, or take a semester to approve a new course. We need to be able to move quickly.

Stanley Wearden | Provost, Columbia College Chicago

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