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Corporate Engagement Manager

Craft unique and differentiated programs for corporate clients and workforce partners, while also ensuring efficient execution and governance

Simplify corporate relationship management

Keeping track of corporate relationships can be a challenge for most colleges and universities. Especially when dealing with hundreds of corporations, each with their own contract, catalog, payment terms—and high expectations for personalized service.

Destiny One provides a dedicated profile for each company or organization with demographic and contact information. It also lets staff set up contract terms with defined seat numbers, discounts, billing processes and more. Once the rules have been determined, the system will automatically enforce them, ensuring a streamlined experience for school staff and the corporate client.

Scale high-caliber service with a rich company profile that lets staff track and manage the nuances of each corporate partner’s account.

  • Identify billing and marketing contacts so staff can connect easily with the corporation
  • Assign an unlimited number of employees to the corporate account
  • Automate billing, invoicing and discounting to enforce each contract

Create custom catalogs that serve unique learning needs

Corporations have specific learning objectives and want employees to pursue courses and programs that support these outcomes. Corporate partnerships are a lucrative, but competitive revenue stream, and personalizing offerings for the corporation’s unique needs is a major differentiator. 

The Corporate Engagement Manager lets colleges and universities offer curated catalogs of courses and certificates that target specific corporate learning objectives. These offerings can be set with specially negotiated contract pricing, as well as limits on how many seats may be sold.

Learn about how badges can help learners demonstrate skills outcomes.

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Accelerate the enrollment process with self-service portals

Like all consumers, corporate clients and learners value self-service tools because of how efficient they make otherwise tedious processes. The Corporate Engagement Manager offers two different self-service portals—one for learners and one for corporate learning leaders—allowing you to deliver each corporate client the specific front-end experience they expect.

The Corporate Administrator Portal allows a chief learning officer to do bulk registrations of employees into one or more courses or certificates at the contract pricing. It also provides self-service tools to review financial transactions billed to that company, and to pay down invoices.

The Corporate Learner Portal provides a white-labelled portal for employees to browse for courses, and enroll with an Amazon-like shopping experience while still benefiting from the contract pricing.

Our clients, particularly those on the marine industry side, want a very simple way to reach us. For example, we’re going to have to make sure that we don’t make it difficult for them to register for a program. Destiny One will make registration quicker and easier for our corporate partners.

Geoff Wilmshurst | Vice President of Partnerships, Camosun College

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