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A digital badge platform that delivers the micro-credentials today’s students and employers want

Create and issue badges quickly and easily

Leverage the Credly digital badge platform to design, build out, assign and verify credentials, minimizing staff effort and maximizing learner value.

"Microcredentials, nanodegrees, verified certificates and badges are popular examples of new, standalone credentialing options that might be more attuned to how 21st century learners want to approach education and how recruiting managers evaluate candidates.”

— Richard DeMillo | Director of the Center for 21st Century University, Georgia Institute of Technology 

Help learners build their brand and your brand

Once a student earns a badge, they post it to their social media profiles and transform themselves from customer to marketer. This makes a big impact for learners in the job market. According to LinkedIn, individuals with digital credentials get viewed six times more than those without during the job hunt.

It goes a long way for your brand too.

By sharing their accomplishments with a clickable credential with their colleagues, friends and family, the institution gains a new marketing tool they can link directly back to the relevant program’s webpage. In fact, as a result of issuing badges, some institutions have even seen increases of up to 15x in web traffic to program pages.

“Badges communicate competencies in a picture that can be shared easily in social media, the place most employers look for candidates.”

– Nina Morel | Dean of the College of Professional Studies, Lipscomb University

Generate actionable data

Once a paper-based credential is issued, colleges lose track of their impact. Badges provide 30 times the data of a traditional paper certificate. Institutions can use those insights from the digital badge platform to understand which segments are using and leveraging their digital credentials.

This way, leaders can identify promising markets that may have otherwise flown under the radar. They can also identify programming holes that need to be filled.

“The more we understand our learners, their concerns, challenges, and aspirations, the more likely we are to play a significant role in their professional journeys.”

— Nelson Baker | Dean of Professional Education, Georgia Institute of Technology

Modern learners wish to present themselves digitally and digital badging is an effective means in which to do so.

Elisabeth Rees-Johnstone | Executive Director of Continuing Education and Professional Learning at OISE, University of Toronto

Transforming the Professional Student Experience at OISE Continuing and Professional Learning

Destiny One is helping OISE Continuing and Professional Learning better-meet the expectations of working adults while expanding its market reach.