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Destiny Solutions Delivers New Software Release for Non-Traditional Higher Education: Destiny One 5.0

New release of Destiny One enables colleges and universities to streamline processes and improve customer engagement with learners

TORONTO, CA--(PRNewswire - July 5, 2016) -- Destiny Solutions, a leading provider of software to help colleges and universities successfully attract, manage and engage their non-traditional students, today announced a new major version of their flagship enterprise product, Destiny One™ Release 5.0.

Highlight of this release include:

  • Language Packs: Destiny One customers can now offer a public-facing website in different languages so that schools can connect with customers across the world. Students and prospective students can select their preferred language for communication and web browsing.
  • In-person PCI-certified P2P Encrypted Payment Option: Destiny One now accepts in-person credit card payments through the addition of a PCI-certified point-to-point encryption credit card swipe device. Registration and finance staff can swipe credit cards through the device instead of typing in the credit card numbers. The credit card information remains encrypted throughout the entire transaction process, ensuring end-to-end security of the information.
  • Supplementary Web Services: Seven new Destiny Connect web services have been added to Destiny One, expanding the communication options between Destiny One and third-party software applications. Customers can use the new web services to programmatically work with group and student records in Destiny One, perform enrollments of students in course sections or bundles, or use a new automated notification service when certain events occur.
  • Additional Financial Enhancements: A number of additional financial and payment enhancements give schools more flexibility on how they manage payments and refunds. These include automating credit card refunds for course drops and transfers, allowing group administrators to pay down invoices online using a credit card, and more.
  • International and Speciality Programs Manager (ISPM) Enhancements: Students can browse ISPM-specific program offerings and enroll online using a self-service shopping cart. ISPM staff users are now able to bulk enroll first-time and returning students more easily, access additional program and schedule reporting, and much more.

"These new enhancements give schools more flexibility in the way they work and allow them to continue to serve their students effectively," Shaul Kuper, President and CEO of Destiny Solutions said. "We're proud of the way Destiny One has evolved and how it empowers higher education institutions to offer their learners a world-class customer experience."

Destiny One Release 5.0 launched on July 4, 2016. Full details about the release are available for Destiny Solutions customers through the GROW! Community platform.

About Destiny Solutions

Destiny Solutions provides enterprising higher education institutions with innovative technology solutions and a community committed to transformative change in the industry. Destiny One™, the firm's flagship enterprise software application, is a student-centric platform used by top institutions across the United States and Canada to enable the level of business excellence needed to support growth and enhance customer engagement with learners.

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