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Product News and Announcements | 5 minute read

Destiny Solutions announces a new product release: Release 2019.3

Release 2019.3 is now complete and will be made available to our customers over the coming days. The dominant themes for this release were user account security, staff usability improvements, and further checkout enhancements.

Password Management Enhancements

We have modernized how users can set and reset their native Destiny One password. These changes do not apply if staff, student, instructor and/or contact passwords are not stored in Destiny One. If the passwords for any one of these person types resides in Destiny One, these changes may apply.

The primary outcome of these changes is that Destiny One will no longer send a system-generated password to a user in an email. Rather, the system will send the user an email with a secure hyperlink that will allow them to select a password. A number of password management use cases are affected.

Adding Google reCAPTCHA to Create New User Flows

By enabling newly introduced configuration points, our customer admins can now show a reCAPTCHA (Google Version 2.0) on various forms where new users can create accounts. This is intended to prevent bots from creating new accounts.

Staff View Recent Items List

The new Recent Items list allows users to access recently visited pages and records, even after navigating to a different module, via an easy-to-use mechanism.

Staff View > CM > Section Class List Enhancements

The Staff View CM > Class List page has been enhanced with an improved user interface. The layout of the class list has taken on a more modern look with expandable rows allowing for additional information to be shown by student. The class list remains exportable with all attributes in a single row.

Staff View > Conference Manager > Participant List Enhancements

The Staff View Conference Manager > Participant List page has been enhanced. Options for exporting, emailing, and mass check-in have been moved to the Tools menu. The ability to expose the school personnel number (School ID) on the participant list is available through a new configuration property.

Staff View CM > Certificate Profile Enhancements

The Staff View CM > Certificate Profile page has been enhanced to accommodate a long list of historical certificate records. The Certificate Profile page now allows for staff users to search for certificates based on certificate code, certificate keywords (title, description), and status. This will result in this page loading more quickly when there are a very large number of certificates.

ISPM Program Offering Fee Enhancements

Added the option to set the Special Requests associated with a program offering as mandatory or optional choices at checkout.

ISPM Program Offering Dashboard and Import Template Enhancements

Under CM > Programs > Program > Dashboard > Placement: Required Courses, four new columns have been added to the Program Offering Dashboard: Special Requests, Group Payor for Section or Special Request Fees, Group Affiliate with Section Enrollment, Fee Type. The Students and Enrollments Import template and the Offering Section Student Enrollment and Placement Import template now have a new column to include the fee type during an enrollment.

Family Checkout and Portal Enhancements

With the new invite members feature available in the Family Portal, family group administrators can send invitations to existing members (who already have a Destiny One student profile) to join the family group. In addition, a new Academic History page will now appear in the Family Portal for Family Group administrators.

Application Enrollment Restrictions Now Apply to Corporate Admin Portal (CAP), Corporate Learner Portal (CLP), and Family Portal

Added support for the Application Enrollment restrictions in the CAP, CLP, and the Family Portal. When an item with an application enrollment restriction is added to the cart, the restriction will be enforced. If a user is required to submit the application, the application will be presented during the checkout. When enrolling multiple members, applications for each member can be selected before payment.

Agency and Sponsor Portal (ASP) Enhancements

Added the option to allow students belonging to an ASP to invoice the group during checkout. In addition, the Educational Background and Birthplace and Nationality profile template fields can now be added to the profile template used for ASP members.

Enrollment Rules May Now Apply to Students Joining a Wait List

Enrollment Restrictions configured on the SA > Enrollment Rules > Restrictions page can now be enforced before a student joins a waitlist.

Public View Login Page Enhancements

The Public View Login page was enhanced so that the User Name and Password fields now have floating labels, to be consistent with other pages in the checkout flow.

Public View > Checkout > Settlement Page Enhancements

Payment options will now appear on the Settlement page during the checkout process in the PV for student, CAP, and Family Portal registrations. This change was made to eliminate a step from the Public View checkout flow. Prior to 2019.3, if multiple payment methods were available, a Payment Options page was shown prior to the Settlement page.

Conference Manager > Registration Site > Review and Pay Page Enhancements

Payment options will now appear on the Review and Pay page during the checkout process for conference registrations. This change was made to eliminate a step from the Conference checkout flow. Prior to 2019.3, if multiple payment methods were available, a Payment Options page was shown prior to the Review and Pay page.

Student View > Application Process Enhancements

Students can now cancel a non-paid application through the Student View when the Application: Student Cancellation configuration property is enabled in the Configuration Editor.

New Web Services

Two new web services were added to support the Password Management Enhancements introduced in this release, sendResetPasswordLink and changePasswordWithResetToken. In addition, we have amended the existing documentation for resetPassword and changePassword.

New REST JSON and XML Web Services Documentation

With the 2019.3 release, the Destiny Connect Web Services documentation now includes samples for REST JSON and XML (in addition to SOAP).

Streamlined Excel Output for Multiple Reports

The XLS export file format selected for output is now a well-aligned Excel file for nineteen additional reports.