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Why student-centricity matters

“We need to be nimble. Our programs cannot become institutional monuments; rather, they need to be vehicles for student success. Our students are non-traditional college students, and that means that we need to be non-traditional learning institutions.”

— Lenore Rodicio | Executive Vice President and Provost, Miami Dade College

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The role technology plays in higher education

“In higher education, IT often grew from a need to serve the academic and research needs of individual departments. Continuing to operate in “silos” to meet the needs of individual academic and research departments makes meeting the collective needs of the enterprise more challenging.” 

— Nelson Vincent | Chief Information Officer, University of Cincinnati

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How business best practice impacts operations

“I marvel at the lack of urgency across many campuses in responding to the reality of the traditional undergraduate enrollment cliff. Conversely, if you go into any CE unit, you’re going to walk into a constant sense of urgency. It’s because we’re in a market-driven environment.”

— Jim Shaeffer | Founding Dean of the College of Continuing Education and Professional Development, Old Dominion University

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