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Announcing the Destiny One Workforce and Community Solution

Destiny Solutions is launching a new product tailored for community and technical colleges.  

 We designed the Destiny One Workforce and Community Solution (Destiny One WCS) with community colleges in mind. It builds on our years of experience working with community and technical colleges.   

Destiny One WCS helps you offer the experience your customers expect in an open-access environment. This new offering brings best-in-class tools to schools on the front-line of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

Why We Built Destiny One WCS 

Destiny Solutions has many partners in the community college space achieving significant results.   

Take Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), for example. After adopting Destiny One, they improved results across their non-traditional programs. 

“In less than six months, we’ve seen an increase in the number of students that are registering online using Destiny,” said Bob Peterson, President and CEO of the Corporate College at Tri-C. “In that time, our online registrations have grown 52 percent over the same period the previous year.” 

 Within one year of implementing Destiny One, Tri-C’s Workforce Division revenue grew 13.3%. Tri-C’s leaders said the seamless registration experience helped grow enrollments. 

Harper College’s Division of Workforce Solutions also benefitted immediately from Destiny One.  

“One of the things that we needed to do, first and foremost, was reduce barriers to registration,” said Mark Mrozinski, Assistant Vice President of Workforce Development and Executive Dean of Community Education at Harper College. “Prospective students coming to our website aren’t comparing our registration system to other colleges and universities—they’re comparing it to the online shopping experience offered by Amazon and other online vendors.” 

In the first enrollment period with Destiny One, Harper grew its percentage of registrations processed online from 35% to 93%. This resulted in staff efficiencies and an improved customer experience. 

Community and technical colleges have a critical mission. Our goal at Destiny Solutions is to help you achieve it. 

How Destiny One WCS Can Support Your College 

Our work with our partners in this space gave us the foundation to create a tailored solution for community and technical education. Destiny One WCS will allow you to run your non-traditional divisions while remaining linked with the main campus. 

 “Destiny has a pretty wide and diverse college user group, and it’s growing,” said Peterson, from Tri-C. “Some of the other products on the market were being offered by vendors who were just breaking into the community college market with a newer offering, and we didn’t want to be a guinea pig.” 

There are specific optimizations to Destiny One WCS that support college success: 

  1. We built best practices and data configurations into Destiny One WCS. This will help you stay competitive, whether your college is big or small. 
  2.  We packaged Corporate Engagement Manager into Destiny One WCS. This will help you create strong partnerships with industry. 
  3.  We created bundling options for other modules, including our suite of connectors. This way, you can tailor Destiny One WCS to your specific environment. 
  4. We created two unique implementation packages. Now, you can speed up Destiny One WCS’s go-live and shrink project risks, regardless of the size of your team.  

Learn how Destiny One WCS can help grow your community or technical college. Visit