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The first universities opened their doors well over a thousand years ago. Since then, the overarching structure of the academy has changed very little, despite profound changes in workforce demands and economic realities. In many cases, this has led to a mismatch between the entrenched business processes of postsecondary institutions and the demographics they now seek to serve.

Our mission is to bridge this gap.

We create technology solutions and build communities that enable higher education institutions to engage their learners like customers and operate like world-class businesses.


The typical student is no longer 18 years old and fresh out of high school. Rather, adult student enrollment has increased substantially in recent years, and is projected to climb faster than traditional-age (18- to 22-year olds) enrollments over the next decade and beyond.

Non-traditional students–who may work while attending school, study part-time or online, or support a family–view themselves as consumers and have high expectations for the service they receive before, during and after enrollment. In fact, today’s students have the same service expectations when selecting a higher education institution as they do when making any other major purchase. Because of this shift in student expectations, customer engagement has become a crucial metric for the financial success of any post-secondary school.

Students are demanding more from their institutions than ever before and colleges and universities need to be equipped to meet these demands. Administrators are seeking ways to make their schools more operationally efficient and more growth-oriented—and in so doing, they must adopt a business-minded approach to higher education management.

We created our online newspaper, The EvoLLLution® to show college and university administrators how they can grow their business by treating learners like customers. Our software platform, Destiny One®, provides the learner-centric business processes and infrastructure needed to make it a reality.

The Fundamental Shift in Higher Education



Once in a lifetime
Push education
Educational achievement
Single institution credit recognition
Knowledge for knowledge sake
Cohort of one
Lifelong pursuit of knowledge
Just-in-time learning
Lifetime experience
Universal outcome acceptance
Knowledge for employability

Nothing will grow unless you resource it. We chose to prioritize Destiny One over other initiatives because we felt that the time was right to position ourselves for growth over the next decade.

Mark Mrozinski | Assistant Vice President of Workforce Development and Executive Dean, Harper College

Prioritizing the Right System: Harper College

While Harper College's Division of Workforce Solutions (Harper CE) was delivering the educational experience that students were looking for, its complicated online registration process was not delivering an experience designed for adults.