White Paper

Enhancing E-Commerce to Reach Market Potential at Higher Education Institutions.

The higher education market has changed drastically in the last decade and in order to succeed, colleges and universities must keep pace. When it comes to attracting and enrolling students, the shifts in student demographic and market competitiveness are both of note. Rather than relying on traditional marketing and enrollment processes, institutions must now find a way to compete in this global and non-traditional market. Given its popularity and reach, the Internet is one of the best ways to reach students. This report explores how implementing an advanced e-commerce system, empowers institutions to increase their market potential and reimagine success.

  • 78% of shoppers use the Internet to research and purchase products and services
  • 90% of higher education institutions can accept online payments
  • Website visits generated through organic search engine results have a 17% better sale conversion rate than visits generated through pay-per-click ads
  • 30% of consumers who leave a website without making a purchase do so because they are unable to successfully navigate through the website
  • 70% of online shoppers indicate that a personalized shopping experience, service, advice and offers would encourage them to make more purchases
  • 52% of data breaches involving hackers in 2006 were in the higher education sector

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