Campus-Wide Protection for Sensitive Lifelong Learner Data

Destiny One is developed and designed by Certified Information Security System Professionals (CISSP), software developers and business analysts who are seasoned in developing secure software. Campus-wide, Destiny One higher education software constantly safeguards valuable data as it is the only Lifelong Learning Platform that is Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) v2.0 certified. This represents the most stringent security standard from the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards council for personal information protection and e-commerce transactions.

In conjunction with PCI PA-DSS standard, Destiny One is developed to protect against all security threats as defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Destiny One higher education software dynamically generates and strictly enforces best practices-based business rules and processes, ensuring proper separation of duties, while adhering to organizational structure, roles and security policies.

Destiny One also extends existing investments in authentication and identity management services, such as CAS and Shibboleth, to provide an integrated, single sign-on solution for staff, students and instructors. This allows, campuses to continue to use their preferred authentication and provisioning services.

Key Benefits

  • Developed by seasoned, certified CISSP staff, software developers and business analysts
  • Powerful encryption of identified confidential data
  • Robust role-based permissioning and access rights framework
  • Extends existing security measures/systems
  • Integrated single sign-on solutions for staff, instructors and students
  • Best practices-based governance of finances, student information and access to sensitive data
  • Secure and certified online payment process
  • PCI PA-DSS certified

Discover the many other key features of Destiny One and how it enhances operations and benefits by role, within higher education institutions.

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