Higher Education Enrollment Management Software for the Lifelong Learner

Destiny One higher education management software improves student self-service and streamlines student registration processes by providing a rich online experience that includes an online shopping cart incorporating multiple registration and payment options. The online experience also provides students with web-based access to their profiles, courses and financial information enabling them to manage their interactions with the school from discovery to registrations to lifelong relationship management.

Destiny One’s real time reservation engine incorporates dynamic pricing, guided application management, waitlist management, real time profit and loss monitoring, class list communication, group enrollments, third-party payments and corporate discounts. Up-to-the-minute data provided by this cutting-edge higher education management software allows staff to quickly respond to inquiries saving valuable time and work effort. Furthermore, Destiny One’s robust campus integration capabilities ensure that student enrollment information is synchronized accurately and timely with existing main campus systems-of-records across the school.

Key Benefits

  • Offers “Amazon-like” shopping cart including multiple registration and payment options
  • Provides students with ability to manage their own interaction with the school
  • Provides students with web-based self service access to profiles, courses and financial information
  • Provides the learner’s history (such as type of courses taken, financial information) to staff so that responses to learner inquiries are managed quickly and efficiently
  • Provides wait list management
  • Provides real time reservation engine dynamic pricing
  • Offers guided application management and streamled admitting/approval processes
  • Integrates registration workflow
  • Provides class list communication
  • Provides the ability to bill third parties
  • Extends main campus education management systems (such as SunGard Banner, Oracle/PeopleSoft Campus Systems and Datatel) to manage the new traditional learner and corporate training registrations
  • Provides the ability to pay with credit card processor of choice

Discover the many other key features of Destiny One and how it enhances operations and benefits by role, within higher education institutions.

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