Lifelong Learning Collaborative Curriculum Management

To rapidly respond to the evolving needs of the lifelong learner, Destiny One, the industry leading higher education software system, provides a collaborative curriculum development capability that ensures swift course and program creation, while offering adaptable scheduling and dynamic publishing to online and print formats.

Destiny One increases agility in the curriculum development process. With a central repository and automated workflow management, managing a robust curriculum offering is simplified, streamlined and more responsive to market opportunities. Destiny One is a higher education software tool that provides real time performance management and monitoring of programs, certificates, courses and sections.

Destiny One allows greater flexibility in scheduling by designing sections and certificate programs to accommodate concurrent, staggered or custom dates. This gives the program manager the power to rapidly respond to learner needs, bringing agility and intelligence to the higher education curriculum management lifecycle.

Key Benefits

  • Improve higher education certificate management through flexible accreditation criteria, multiple streams and the ability to track student progress
  • Accelerate time-to-market of new courses, certificate/diploma programs and bundled offerings by streamlining and managing each step in the process
  • Provide instructors, staff and students with tools to monitor individual progress towards certificate completion
  • Appear as one integrated entity via a student portal, simplifying the student engagement experience
  • Reduce staff time and present a broader offering across all campuses by synchronizing curriculum information between Destiny One, main campus systems (SunGard Banner®, Oracle/PeopleSoft Campus Systems or custom systems) and third-party course providers on a defined basis
  • Provide wait-list management
  • Realize efficiencies and return on investment through faster approval-to-publication of print or online curriculum content, all managed in a central repository
  • Manage instructors and their contracts efficiently, while also governing their activities to meet organizational thresholds and policies

Discover the many other key features of Destiny One and how it enhances operations and benefits by role, within higher education institutions.

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