Changing the Face of Continuing Education Software

Destiny One, The Lifelong Learning Platform, is a higher education software system designed to forge, manage and cultivate lifelong learning relationships. Built from the ground up exclusively to meet the unique needs of lifelong learners, this intelligent student management software assists education administrators looking to more efficiently and effectively acquire, engage and retain learners for a lifetime.

higher education management softwareProtecting existing investments, Destiny One extends conventional campus education management systems such as SunGard Banner, Datatel and PeopleSoft, to engage lifelong learners and leverage best practices to streamline enrollment, curriculum, finance and marketing.

Destiny One has been developed to support the highest software security standards and is certified by the Payment Card Industry’s Payment Application Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS) Version 2.0–the highest certification for payment application and cardholder information governance.

Discover the key features of Destiny One and how it enhances operations and benefits by role, within higher education institutions.

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