Lifelong Learning

Why is Lifelong Learning Important?

From its inception, Destiny Solutions has understood that higher education institutions require intelligent software, systems and processes to fulfill the needs of today’s learner. With ever evolving and increasing expectations, these learners balance challenging schedules, discerning tastes and unique requirements with familial and employment obligations. In today’s vastly changing economic climate, lifelong learners seek knowledge for employability, enhanced skill set and personal and professional enrichment.

More than ever before, today’s learners are looking to higher education to provide the relevant just-in-time expertise needed to thrive in the global marketplace. The lifelong pursuit of knowledge has become the ‘new normal’ and educators are beginning to teach to a cohort of one.

This shift represents an enormous opportunity for the success and growth of higher education institutions. While still effective for the conventional cohort of students, lifelong learning requires the agility and flexibility beyond the capability of traditional systems. Success will come to those administrators who transform their institutions’ culture, processes and technology to satisfy each learner’s goal.

This transformation includes:

  • Attracting potential students and leveraging alumni relationship through online engagement
  • Managing students’ lifelong relationships and needs with flexibility through ‘new traditional’ program structures and curriculum agility offering flexibility and responsiveness to lifelong learner needs
  • Harnessing workflows for improved productivity
  • Managing the unique and varied financial requirements of lifelong learning
  • Providing superior customer service to learners through a rich online environment that captures key data to enhance and grow the organization

Schools are under extraordinary pressure to find new and intelligent ways to attract and retain lifelong learners. Faced with growing competition, colleges and universities must become accessible, efficient and effective on the global stage.

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To read the white paper Lifelong Learning: The New Normal for Higher Education, please click here.

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