Lifelong Learning Community

The last few decades have been a period of significant change for the higher education industry. While many programs have had trouble surviving,  continuing education, professional development and other non-traditional programs have managed to thrive, despite steep budget cuts and rapidly advancing technology.

Shaul Kuper, Destiny Solutions President and CEO, kept finding himself in animated conversations with continuing education leaders and practitioners brimming with innovative ideas, but lacking a platform to disseminate them beyond their immediate circle. Tired of standing on the sidelines, he founded The EvoLLLution as a means of bringing together the individuals responsible for their division’s success in order to further the state of lifelong learning.

A grassroots online newspaper exclusively for, and by, those who understand higher education best, The EvoLLLution is the only place where you can find detailed opinions, news and research about the impact of non-traditional programs on the higher education industry and society-at-large.

It was crafted in recognition of the fact that there are innovators at every level of every  institution. From the college dean, to the state system president to the professional student, individuals everywhere are retooling, reorganizing and  rethinking  their  way  into  the  21st  century. These are the people writing our articles and shaping the future of lifelong learning.

The truth is, for years, silos of stakeholders have tried to make things work, without any understanding of each other. Now, by banding together in a community like The EvoLLLution, we can do more to advance lifelong learning and the ‘new normal’ than any one individual could on their own.

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