Research Paper

The Voice of the Employer on the Effects and Opportunities of Professional Development for Higher Education Institutions.

Destiny Solutions commissioned a research firm to interview employers across North America to examine what employers feel are the skills needed to succeed in the workforce and how they want their employees to gain them. The research also explores such key issues as: How are employers investing in workforce development and continuing education? Do employers feel colleges and universities are meeting their needs? Are programs sufficiently relevant? Are corporate partnerships adequately available?

Key findings include:

  • 95% of employers have systems in place to financially support employee education
  • 70% of employers think ongoing education is necessary just for employees to keep up with the pace of their jobs
  • 9% of employers maintain a professional development relationship with a college or university
  • 16% of employers feel that there is an adequate availability of college or university programs tailored to their needs
  • 62% of employers have no preference whether their employees attend for-credit or non-credit programs

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